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Bopel Technical Services


Bopel is an electrical contractor that specializes in construction work related to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical installations.

Our clients have at their disposal the full range of top-quality services for successful projects, ranging from new systems design and installation, to upgrades and expansions, to trouble shooting, testing and repair. Whether it's high voltage wiring for an industrial plant or the electrical wiring for a mall or changing a simple bulb at a residence, we can do it all.

Excellence and quality guaranteed, backed up by over 20 years experience. From conceptional design to complete installation.

You mention it we can design it and of course install it too! We provide DTI inspection for electrical installations.


  • New Electrical Systems
  • New Construction and Installation
  • Upgrades, Renovations and Expansion
  • Lighting
  • Alterations
  • Power Wiring
  • Power Generation
  • Control Wiring
  • High Voltage Wiring
  • Maintenance
  • Trouble Shooting, Testing and Repair
  • Emergency Service
  • Energy saving Solutions
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Fire Alarm